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Heidi is completely blind. She was dumped on the streets and turned over to Rescue underweight at only 13 lbs., under a year old, with no house manners, or socialization at all. We've been working on house training her and teaching her how to walk/run on a leash. We don't think she's ever gotten to run very much. She loves to play with other dogs, although, sometimes she can be a bit rough. But, she is learning quickly, and has been doing really well!

Unfortunately Heidi's eyes did not develop in the womb. Her right eye is almost nonexistent, consisting of tissue and the remnants of a third eyelid. There is a constant mucus discharge coming from this area. Her left eye never fully developed and is actually a cystic type globe structure with a third eyelid holding the globe in place. This cyst is growing and causing increasing pain for Heidi. Both need to be removed to relieve pain and make her life bearable.

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