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Leroy is about 10 years old. He came into rescue on May 1 when his owner called rescue because he couldn't afford Leroy's medical expenses. Poor Leroy was suffering from a long-standing foot infection (please note these photos are quite graphic) and also in dire need of medical and dental attention.

The vet determined that the infection had atrophied the entire leg and that it should be amputated and that Leroy was in considerable pain. He also was found to be riddled with hookworm and had several broken teeth. After this assessment, it was decided that Leroy should be transferred to a different vet who could better assess his specific needs. The second vet performed a biopsy of the mass on Leroy's foot and after a week, the results showed that it was benign. Since May 1, Leroy has been on constant pain medication and anti-biotics. Leroy's bills are estimated at over $2,000.

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