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The Boston Terrier Rescue Net is a 501c3
non-profit organization dedicated to fundraising to assist national Boston Terrier Rescue efforts.

Boston Terrier Special Needs Spotlight

It is a sad fact that many smaller rescue groups have had to fold because they don't have the resources to continue, and others are alive and struggling, but have had to turn away dogs due to lack of resources. We know that everyone in rescue is overloaded, overworked, under funded, and exhausted...! And, with Vet bills continuously going up, there is an ever increasing number of very sick, and or abused animals coming into rescue regularly. Meet other special needs boston terriers we've helped! Therefore, BTRN, in its role as a national fundraiser, has developed a sponsorship program in which one Special Needs Rescue Boston will be "Showcased" on our website, with fundraising efforts directed towards that one Boston until its medical expenses have been met, at which time, another will be showcased. Any Boston in rescue may apply to be showcased, however special consideration will always be given to the neediest....... and those having no funding from any other venue.

If you would like to contribute to the Special Needs program, please be sure to send your donation clearly marked for the "Special Needs Fund"

Our Current Special Needs Spotlight - Callie

Callie   Callie   Callie

Find out how you can help Callie here

Callie was the runt of a litter from a backyard breeder. After watching her waste away to almost nothing, her owner took her in to their vet wanting to euthanize her, stating that they couldn't afford to care for her any longer. But, the vet refused, suggesting instead that they turn her over to Rescue. Since that would save them the euthanasia & disposal fee, they agreed. Right now she is 7 moths old and her weight is only 3.5 lbs. Our vet tells us that she has absolutely NO body fat at all - literally skin and bones, starving to death slowly and painfully. We have had bloodwork drawn and sent off for some specialized testing and x-rays have been taken looking for any blockages or anomalies. Meanwhile, she is being cared for by two loving foster parents. Please help us to help her. Thank you so much.

Find out how you can help Callie here

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