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Meet some of the special needs boston terriers we've helped!

Many rescue groups are no longer able to help boston terriers because of a lack of funds.

As a national fundraiser, Boston Terrier Rescue Net's Special Needs Program allows you to sponsor animals to help bring them back to suitability for placement in permanent homes.
Any Boston Terrier in rescue may apply, with priority given to the neediest and those with no other source of funding.

For rescue and adoption help, take a look at our map of rescues across the US and Canada.

Or, contact us for personal advice and questions.

Unfortunately, we can only provide funds to rescue organizations and cannot provide financial aid to private individuals.

100% of the funds raised through our auctions are donated to BTRN through eBay Giving Works & MissionFish!

Please contact BTRN if you are interested in adopting Petey.

Petey was rescued from Animal Services on the 30th of November. After surgeries to repair a perineal hernia and remove tumors in his scrotum and abdomen, Petey is recovering well. His vet is very pleased with his progress and is optimistic he will have a normal life.

Find out more about Petey's story and our Special Needs Program.

For The Love Of Senior Dogs - Piggy Sue's Plea

This was originally posted many years ago but is just as appropriate today. Older Bostons still need your help.

My name is PiggySue, and I'm a senior citizen of the Boston world. I'm here to state the case for older dogs in the Rescue program, as I was recently one of them.  MORE

Lucky Paw Pals
Seeking Cross-Coungtry Truckers To Transport Rescued Dogs

Production company, RIVR Media, is working on a new television show about rescue dogs with the focus on the transport of rescues across the USA by truck drivers. If you can provide help or are a trucker intersted in this program, please contact Melissa at RIVR Media or Mid-America Boston Terrier Rescue. This is not limited to a specific rescue organization, but is meant to shed light on rescue efforts as a whole.

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If you would like to help, monetarily or otherwise, please take a look through our site & send your donation or contact us with clear wording specifying how you'd like to help boston terriers in need.
The Boston Terrier Rescue Net is a 501c3 non-profit organization dedicated to fundraising to assist National Boston Terrier Rescue efforts
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