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The Boston Terrier Rescue Net is a 501c3
non-profit organization dedicated to fundraising to assist national Boston Terrier Rescue efforts.

About Boston Terrier Rescue Net - BTRN

Our main objective is to raise money to help Boston Terriers requiring assistance with medical and other expenses which are necessary to restore the rescued Boston to optimal health before placement. We help in the location of adoptive and foster homes for Bostons that have been abandoned, abused and unwanted by their owners, or homeless as a result of owner death or disability. We also assist other recognized Boston Terrier Rescue Groups through our activities.

BTRN supports the American Kennel Club's stance against the purchase of dogs at auctions for resale and does not provide funding or other assistance to people or groups who purchase dogs for placement.

How can you help out BTRN with Boston Terriers in need? As you go through our site, you will find many ways to lend a hand with rescue from supporting our fundraising activities and projects, to education for the public on ways to reduce the number of animals needing rescue, to fostering and adoption. The need is there.

Find out more about BTRN on Facebook, Causes, eBay For Charities and Guidestar

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