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Brandi and the Bobcat

Brandi is a 3 year old female Boston Terrier who had the misfortune of encountering a bobcat in her own back yard. Brandi survived the encounter, but not without severe injuries and the possibility she may have picked up rabies in the process. She is currently in quarantine for treatment of both her wounds and a possible rabies infection. Here's her story:

Brandi and a Jack Russell Terrier both lived with their elderly owner in a small rural town, in a very wooded area. On Sept. 28 of this year, a bobcat jumped the fence into their yard and attacked both dogs. The Jack Russell retreated with its owner but Brandi, was determined to protect her owner and took the bobcat on by herself. She managed to fight off the bobcat but not before it raked and bit her several times. The owner ran to get a gun and shoot the bobcat, causing it to leave the yard, wounded but alive. A neighbor was able to track and kill the bobcat, but the damage to Brandi had been done. The extent of puncture wounds is difficult to see, as some healing and hair growth has already covered them.

Testing of the dead bobcat by animal control officials determined that it was rabid. Brandi had been with her current owner for only a few months and the status of her vaccinations could not be verified since she got her initial shots at 6 months. That lengthy interval without boosters or vaccines increases her chance of contracting rabies. In accordance with the regulations of the Department of Health, Brandi has to be quarantined for a minimum of 6 months, can have no contact with other animals, and can have very limited contact with humans during that time. Her chance of survival is very low (estimated at 10%), but a local veterinarian had faith and was willing to give Brandi a chance. So, he took her in for her quarantine period and is currently treating her bites and scratches.

The rescue volunteer's vet believes Brandi could show signs of illness as early as 3 weeks after the attack, and it has already been 2 weeks. We're crossing our fingers and praying for her survival and trying to be optimistic, hoping that she gets past the 3-week point after which her chances of survival and recovery will increase daily.>

That's Brandi's story. She is fighting for her life and needs your help to win the fight. Without your contributions to her special needs fund it will not be possible to cover the costs of her treatment, quarantine, and maintenance. Here's a Boston who was willing to defend her owner at any cost, and now she needs your help if she is going to pull through and find a wonderful forever home.

Your donations are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.

Brandi Brandi

Brandi Update October 22nd

Brandi is doing well and is past 21 days now! No sign of rabies so far.

Brandi Update January 11th

It has been three months since little Brandi went into quarantine after her tangle with the rabies infected Bobcat and we are happy to report that, as of this date, all signs are good and Brandi is progressing nicely through the required treatment/quarantine period.

She is under the constant care of a vet and his staff and has shown no signs of weight loss, depression, changes in temperament, or other indicators that the rabies virus has affected her.

Brandi weighs 16 lbs and is alert and attentive and shows no signs of aggression or poor health. She is now being allowed outside in a quarantined "fresh air" area on a daily basis (see photos attached) and, like any Boston, loves to stretch out and soak up the sun. Of course, her "handlers" still have to treat her with great care, going so far as wearing "HazMat" clothing when dealing with her.

According to the vet, it is likely that at some point in her earlier life Brandi was given the proper anti-rabies vaccines and that is why she is doing so well these days, so we can all be grateful to that previous owner who cared enough to see that Brandi got the shots she needed.

The vet has set March 29th 2013 as Brandi's "freedom day," the day on which she can leave quarantine and resume a normal life. At that time, the rescue program will take over and see that Brandi gets a great home and the love and care she has earned. We are grateful to all of you who have made contributions to Brandi's treatment, a treatment required by law in cases where a dog has encountered the rabies virus.

Brandi's future is looking brighter every day and she will be a very happy Boston when she can lead a normal life once again.

Brandi Brandi Brandi Brandi

Brandi Update March 19th

Brandi was spayed on March 18th and is recovering nicely.

She is due to be released on April 4th and will be a very happy pup to finally be released after 6 months of quarantine.


April 4, 2013

Today, exactly 6 months after going into quarantine for rabies observation, Brandi was released to a rescue coordinator and enjoyed her first day of freedom, a day that found her getting her sutures removed, enjoying a warm bath, and even getting a full mani and pedi. The vet's staff (see photo of vet's son, Eric Randall, also a vet with Brandi) all gave her hugs and kisses which had been forbidden during her quarantine and were happy to see her on her way to a new home and a new life.

The coordinator, the same one who had initially made arrangements with the vet and who had tracked her progress through her quarantine, transported a jubilant Brandi to meet her new family, a family with extensive Boston experience and an older Boston "sister" for Brandi. Brandi was ecstatic to be with people again, and she gave big kisses to her new owners when she met them.
It's a wonderful new beginning for Brandi, a lucky girl who was facing certain euthanasia if no vet could be found to provide the care she would need during the legally required 6 months quarantine. Thanks to the rescue coordinator's dedication and to the vet and his staff, Brandi survived the ordeal and is once again a happy girl with a family of her own. Thanks also to those donors who earmarked their donations for the Special Needs program. Your help makes it possible for BTRN to help the Special Needs Bostons.

Donate to the special needs spotlight Fund

If you would like to contribute to the special needs spotlight, please be sure to send your donation clearly marked for the "special needs spotlight Fund" to Boston Terrier Rescue Net, via PayPal to BTRN2000@insight.rr.com or by mail to:

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Donors names will initially be posted to the special needs spotlight
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Your donation will be tax deductible to the full amount allowed by the law.


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