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Boston Terrier special needs spotlight

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Buddy Min


Buddy Min was brought to a kill shelter as a stray on May 31st with a dislocated and fractured pelvis along with several lacerations after being hit by a car. He has not been neutered and is thought to be 5 years old.

His owners were made aware of his situation and were told rescue would take him if he was not claimed. However, they would not say one way or the other if they wanted him, so we were unable to have him looked at by a vet. Every day we tried to get him out of the shelter, but the laws are not so favorable for our precious animals.


Considering his condition, the shelter wanted to release him to rescue as soon as possible, so they sent a shelter officer to the address they had for the owner to once again try to make contact and stress the urgency to act, but no one was home.

The owners could have easily lessened Buddy's pain by simply relinquishing him in a timely manner. Again, the shelter tried several times to contact the owners, but they would not answer their calls.


Rescue finally picked up Buddy on June 9th and took him straight to the vet's office. His body was abosolutely riddled with heartworms. And, the veterinarian has decided Buddy will need a femoral head ostectomy or FHO to repair his dislocated hip and fractured pelvic bones. This procedure involves the removal of the "ball" part of the ball-and-socket that makes up the hip joint and will be costly. The bones of the joint will no longer be in contact, which will eliminate pain. During this surgery, he will also be neutered. His lacerations have, thankfully, already started healing

Despite what he's been through, Buddy has been a very sweet, well-behaved boy; we are in awe of his spirit. While at the vet's office, Buddy would not eat and the vet believes he has been losing weight since being picked up by the shelter. It was decided that he go home with a rescue worker and has finally eaten after being offered chicken and cheese. We will do everything we can to get him well.

Buddy's white blood cell count was found to be extremely high and he has a bad UTI and runny nose. He is currently on antibiotics, but the ve is running a urine culture which will take 3 days to be sure he gets the right antibiotic.

Originally scheduled for June 13, his surgery has been postponed and will now take place on or after Tuesday, June 17 to ensure these issues are taken care of and Buddy regains some strength.

Buddy Min Update 6/16/2014

Buddy's Vet wants to recheck him this Thursday, June 19th. We expect surgery to be scheduled for the week of June 23rd; we will keep you updated on his condition.


Buddy Min Update 6/21/2014

Buddy had another checkup yesterday, June 20th. He had a lot of discharge from a urinary tract infection and his urethra was flushed with saline solution. The vet said this, along with a course of antibiotics, should help a great deal. The vet hopes to schedule Buddy's surgery towards the middle or end of next week.


Buddy's foster family makes him home made food and he is growing stronger every day. He is enjoying all of the wonderful love and attention after being having been neglected for such a long time.

Buddy Min Update 07/01/2014

We're happy to report that Buddy's femoral head ostectomy (FHO) surgery was performed on Thursday 26th June. This procedure removes the head and neck from the femur. Buddy is in some pain, but on pain medication and still on antibiotics. He will be pain free when he recovers completely.


The vet has said to allow him to move around but not to play. Buddy will go back to the veterinarian for a follow up on Friday.


Buddy is eating wonderful home cooked meals of turkey, sweet potatoes, carrots, green beans, yogurt and his appetite is excellent - a far cry from when he first came into rescue.


He is a very sweet, gentle, and easy going pooch in spite of what he's been through.


Buddy Min Update 07/10/2014

Buddy went to the vet on July 5th for a checkup after surgery. The vet says that Buddy is a new dog; he has life in his eyes and he is happy. His little tail wags, he is no longer the depressed Boston who came into the rescue program.


He's still thin, but he's gained back a pound and a half and with the delicious food he is eating he will continue to regain weight.
Buddy loves his foster parents and knows when it's time for daddy to come home from work. He is thriving on the wonderful attention he is receiving and gets along well with his foster siblings.


His pelvis is still badly broken, and it will be a long, slow process. He's allowed, per the vet's instructions, to walk around a little bit each day, but he spends most of his time resting in his crate, chewing on his toys, or snuggling on the couch or the dog bed under the supervision of his foster mom.

He will go back to the vet in three weeks for further evaluation.
Buddy has a long healing process ahead of him, and he still needs your prayers and support.


Buddy Min Update 08/05/2014

Buddy's long recovery continues, but with excellent progress. He went back to the vet as scheduled for a post-surgery checkup last week and the news was encouraging. His fractures are healing nicely and he is using all four legs to move around, though he still uses only three at times and carries the leg that had the HFO surgery. The vet feels that at some future date he may need bone grafts because of the severity of the earlier damage to his hip, leg and pelvis, but that is not an immediate concern. It will be about two months (early October) before his pelvis is fully healed. Until then he is getting physical therapy (swimming) daily in the hope that this will strengthen his muscles without putting strain on his bones.

Buddy has now gained almost a four pounds and is a happy boy. Like most Bostons, he loves everyone around him including two Boston foster siblings, cats and kids. Based on Buddy's progress to date and his continuing improvement in all areas, we expect the next update will also adhere to that theme.


Buddy Min Update 08/11/2014

There has been a wonderful update in Buddy's story! His former foster parents have officially adopted him and are now his Forever Family. This is fantastic for Buddy because he is already integrated into the family and his new parents know his medical requirements and are fully committed to seeing that he gets everything he needs. This could not have worked out better and we are pleased to report this happy conclusion to Buddy's story!

Buddy Min Update 01/09/2017

Buddy's adoptive family has sent a picuture of him. He certainly looks satisfied and happy sitting in the sun.


BTRN needs your support in order to meet the medical costs incurred in bringing Special Needs boston terriers like Buddy back to a healthy condition. Your contributions in any amount would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your support of sweet Buddy Min

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