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Boston Terrier special needs spotlight

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Little Callie was the runt of a litter, being bred by a backyard breeder. She has had nothing but trouble just trying to stay alive. After watching her waste away to almost nothing, her owner took her in to their vet wanting to euthanize her, stating that they couldn't afford to care for her any more. But, the vet refused, suggesting instead that they turn her over to Rescue in an effort to save her fragile little life.


Since that would save them the euthanasia & disposal fee, they agreed. Right now she is 7 moths old and her weight is only 3.5 lbs. Our vet tells us that she has absolutely NO body fat at all - literally skin and bones. This little girl was starving to death slowly and painfully.


According to what few records we have, only some minimal veterinary care consisting of antibiotics and nausea & diarrhea medications had previously been prescribed - no bloodwork, no special testing. We are willing to try and save her and hope that you will pitch in and help us.


So far we have had bloodwork drawn and sent off for some specialized testing. X-rays have been taken looking for any blockage or anomaly. More blood work was done today, the 8th of December and we are hoping that the results will give us some clues.
Meanwhile, she is snug and warm and being loved by a very caring pair of foster parents. Please help us to help her. Thank you so much.

Dec. 16, 2014

Little Callie's testing has all come back pretty much abnormal. This is consistent with what you might expect with being in "starvation mode". Although she has a very good (one might even say ravenous) appetite, she has been getting very little nourishment out of what she does eat. Right now, the plan is to start her on some pancreatic enzymes, to see if that helps her get more out of what she is presently eating. She is also getting weekly B12 injections to give her some pep. The diarrhea has slowed to a loose stool, so she is keeping much more fluid in her system, and is nowhere near as dehydrated as she was before. It is slow going, but after all, she didn't get this way over night.


We have made a commitment to this little girl, and are willing to see it through. We want to thank everyone who is "pulling for her", and Callie sends special little doggie kisses to you, also.


Merry Christmas from Callie.

Jan 18th 2015

As everyone knows, poor Callie has been going to see the vet weekly since coming into rescue and, even though the results to date are small, they are taking her in the right direction.

For her most recent visit Callie got her B-12 shot. Her weight was 3 lbs. 5 oz, up 1 oz, which is good for Callie. Her stools vary and she has rectal bleeding from time to time, but there is some improvement in both areas.

In 1 1/2 weeks after her 6th B-12 shot more be blood work will be done, and at that time we will also ask the vet to look at her insulin production carefully, as a donor suggested, based on experience with her own dog.

On the social side, Callie seems to be noticing other dogs, something she did not do in the beginning. Because she is so thin with no fat for warmth, she wants to be sitting next to someone or something warm all the time. As she gains weight, this need should decrease.

In spite of all of her problems, Callie is a happy little girl with a good appetite. We're doing all that can be done for her and she is responding slowly.


Jan 30th 2015

Little Callie is still waiting for blood testing to be completed before we can get a complete diagnosis and treatment approach. Although she has gained nearly 3/4 lb. since coming into rescue, she is still a tiny thing and only small amounts of blood for testing can be taken from her. She has had two blood draws to date and a third is scheduled for 13 February. At that time the vet will do a fasting blood draw, and administer another B 12 shot. As soon as the results of the blood work comes back, it will be analyzed to see what, if any part of her treatment needs to be adjusted.

In the past week, Callie's diet has been changed to include both dry and canned prescription food, and she is still getting the Tylan powder in her meals to curb her diarrhea, and she has responded well to these changes. The vet is hopeful that the new types of food will provide her with the calories she needs to feel more energetic and gain weight.

In the seven weeks since Callie came into rescue, she has shown great progress but still has a long way to go. As of Jan. 23nd her weight was up to 3 lbs 11 oz, a gain of approximately 3/4 lb. She is looking far less gaunt, and her tolerance for exercise is steadily increasing. With the increase in exercise, we should start to see some muscle growth, which, in turn, will increase her stamina.

Once the blood tests are done on 13 February and analyzed, we should have more details to pass along as well as a better understanding of what Callie needs. At that time, we expect to see more and faster improvements in her health. Maybe some good news will be available for our next update.


Feb 14th, 2015

Callie had a visit with the vet yesterday, the 13th February. Because she was scheduled for fasting blood work we had to make sure she didn't eat anything beforehand, and she didn't like that at all. The little lady knows when her food is due and that's when she expects to see it, so she let us know when it wasn't on time. In it's way, this is a very good sign!


Callie's weight has increased now to 4 lbs 6 1/2 oz and the vet was very pleased with her progress. Her blood sugar tested in the "normal" range and we are waiting for the results of other tests that had to be sent to a lab in Texas. We'll know more about her general well-being when those test results are in hand.


The really good news is that Callie continues to pick up in the energy department, showing signs of activity such as attempting to jump, something she never attempted before. On 10 February, Callie turned 9 months old, so the increased activity is both expected and welcomed. Her concentration is also improving, and she has learned to fetch her lamb toy and bring it back.

Her physical appearance also continues to improve and she has developed a cute little wrinkle above her nose plus a little "extra" skin around her neck.
Oh, and, Lord help us, today she learned how to bark!


Feb 26th, 2015

Good news on Callie's blood work. The numbers leaning toward pancreatitis are much better, and hopefully, will continue to improve. The issue with the pancreas was secondary to everything else.

In addition, as of the last testing at the beginning of December when her protein and albumin levels were very low, they are now on the low side of the normal limits. Her BUN/creatinine ratio was very high previously, and has now dropped to just within the normal range and her glucose is still holding right in dead center of the normal range.

Although still on the low side, her red blood cells (RBC's) have now crept up into the lower end of the normal range. While still under the low limit of the normal range, her hemoglobin and hematocrit levels have risen remarkably from where they once were. Although her platelet count is still well above normal, it is virtually half what it once was.

Considering when she arrived in Rescue she was at death's door, Callie has really made great strides in just two short months.


Callie returns to the vet on the 27th February for a little blood work to double check her RBC and hemoglobin plus another B12 shot.

Her intestinal issues still remain, the diarrhea still persists, but she is just too tiny and fragile to take a more aggressive approach, such as a colonoscopy with biopsies which would be immediately definitive. Now, more nutrients are staying in, than are being lost, as the advance in weight gain proves, she is now at her all-time high of 4 lbs. 11.2 oz.

For the time being we keep her diet as it is as she is gaining weight and it might set her back to change it with B-12 shots once a month for at least the next 3 months and continue the Tylan powder and added prebiotics, or probiotics.


She has amazed her vet and her foster parents. This little girl has really blossomed with love and proper care. Due to the malnourished, emaciated state she was in when she arrived during her formative stage, she will most likely always be much smaller than she could have been.

Mar 30, 2015

The latest news on Callie is mostly good with one area of possible concern. Callie has gained more weight and now weighs 5.5 lbs., a marvelous gain from her initial weight. She is also much more active now than at the time of the last update, also a very good sign. Callie received her B-12 shot on March 20 and is now taking 1/4 tsp. Metamucil daily in addition to the medications she was on before. The point of possible concern is that Callie has been observed "carrying" her right rear leg on occasion which could indicate a problem that will need to be addressed in the future. We will let you know more about this after her foster mom has had more time to observe her activities.


We have new photos of Callie with her "special" blanket custom-made for her by FABB (Fur Angel Blessing Blanketeers). Callie LOVES the blanket and we are extremely grateful to FABB for their generosity and prayers!


April 17th, 2015

Today Callie went to see her vet for her monthly checkup. She now weighs a whopping 6.34 lbs and we are thrilled with her weight gain. The vet checked her left rear leg which she occasionally favors and couldn't feel anything unusual so we'll be monitoring her carefully and may get an X-ray if it continues to bother her.



Callie also received her B12 shot. She is such a good girl, everyone at the vets office loves & spoils her.


May 25th, 2015

Sweet little Callie reached a milestone recently. On May 11 she celebrated her first birthday. Her first year has not been a great one, but despite her problems she has become a loving and lovable little lady.


Although Callie has shown progress to this point and now weighs a whopping 6.34 lbs, she still has diarrhea and, at her latest vet visit on May 23, she was found to have an ear infection and loss of hair in a couple of areas. The vet gave her a B-12 shot and took skin scrapings of her face and neck to see what is causing the hair loss.


Poor Callie still has to wear diapers, though, and her weight gain is not as good as might be expected. He recommends a referral for Callie to an advanced specialist who might be able to provide additional insights into the intestinal problems and their resolution. These photographs were taken May 23rd.

Unfortunately, the sum total of these problems keeps Callie from placement at this time, so we are keeping her in our Special Needs Program and assisting her as we can to become a healthy, happy little girl.


As always, your contributions make a huge difference towards helping Callie receive the care she needs. The sooner her problems are taken care of, the sooner we can find a nice forever home for this wonderful young Boston.

July 6th, 2015

Since our earlier status report, Callie has been to an Advanced Veterinary Specialist and an ultra-sound from that same visit was normal, with no abnormalities or obstructions noted. Her tests, blood, stool and urine showed no marked changes. Since she is still anemic we are continuing with B12 shots.

She is on new medication from AVS prescription. It has been known to assist with high bile acids and in forming stools. So far not much change, which may take awhile. Her body fat ratio is improving slowly and her muscle tone has also improved.

Callie had an abrasion on her right eye. The eye was treated with antibiotics and eye drops. She made several vet trips for that and her eye is now fine.

She still loves her naps and has found Grandmother's quilted pillow sham quite comforting.


August 1, 2015

On July 27th Callie was put under light anesthesia to have an impacted anal gland repaired, the vet was quite concerned about putting her under due to her general condition but we are happy to report that she experienced no negative side effects and certainly her tushy feels so much better.


As you know, Callie has made a lot of progress she coming into the Rescue program. Her weight has increased to 7 lbs., her fat ratio is improving, and she has more energy. These days, Callie is a happy little girl. There has been some improvement with her new diet and the Tylan powder, which she will need indefinitely.

No one can say at this time how much more her condition will improve, but she has already made great strides. She still needs diapers for her stool issues and may need them for the rest of her life, but that remains to be seen. Callie still sees the vet each month for a B-12 shot.

Until her condition improves more, Callie cannot be spayed and she cannot be released for adoption until that takes place. However, if you are interested in adoptng Callie, please fill out and return an adoption application and BTRN will forwaard it to the coordinator for the rescue group who is currently fostering her.

Your support of Callie is very much appreciated.

October 5, 2015

Just a short update. Callie weighs 9.2 lbs. today and has stared her cycle!


February 1, 2016

On December 29th 2015 Callie was spayed & had a small tooth removed. She recovered beautifully, with no complications.

Callie has shown great progress overall, but still has intestinal / bowel problems that the vets can't seem to diagnose or cure. The result is that she has to wear a diaper the majority of the time. For that reason, it has been decided that she is not ready for adoption and needs to remain in her current foster home until, hopefully, the problem can be resolved. Callie is perfectly happy there, is receiving excellent, loving care and all required medical attention. We will let you know if there is any further improvement in her situation.


December 12, 2016

We received an update from Callie's adoptive family.

I am pleased to share this great news. Callie has been going without her covers (diaper) about 90% of the time. We only cover her when we are sleeping or she is in her crate. Thus far it has not been necessary, just cautionary. Her energy has been higher than ever and it's been quite some time since her last B-12. She is making the mile walk with our other pups, and is still ready to play when we get back.


The patience, continued excellent care, and prayers of support have all brought this about.
We want to wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy, Healthy New Year!

Thank you, again, BTRN
Jennifer, Jeff & Callie

BTRN would like to thank everyone for their support of sweet Callie

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