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Boston Terrier Special Needs Spotlight

If you would like to contribute to the Special Needs Program, please be sure to send your donation clearly marked for the "special needs spotlight Fund"

Special Needs Spotlight Sponsors 2017

Daisy and her Puppies

Daisy and her Puppies

Please note: this picture was taken before Daisy became ill.

When Daisy first came into rescue in early January, from a puppy-mill rescue had previously taken other dogs, she was very pregnant, sick, grungy, dirty, vomiting up everything, and suffering extreme diarrhea. The veterinarian wormed her, gave fluids, and treated her agressively with antibiotics.

Knowing that her previous litter was via C-section we were concerned. However, poor Daisy, already sick and stressed, and overdue by at least a week, was already in labor and beginning to deliver naturally. With each pup becoming stuck in the birth canal, we were relieved the veterinarian was there to lend assistance.

Daisy is only about 18 months old and is already delivering her second litter. Even with such a disastrous start, all went well for the first six weeks with all four pups growing nice and plump with Lily being the smallest at 4.0 lbs., Petunia next at 4.1 lbs., Magnolia at 4.8 lbs., and Iris, a whopping 5.6 lbs. At six weeks, the pups visited the vet where they received a set of shots and were dewormed. Then, they returned to their foster home, exhausted from their first real outing. For the next two days, all seemed to be going well.

Daisy and her Puppies

Petunia was the first to break with the Parvo Virus and spent the night at the hospital on meds and fluids. It was touch-and-go whether she would survive the night. We were also unsure whether any of the other puppies and dogs in the foster home had been contaminated with the virus. The next morning brought the news that Petunia had made it through the night and was a bit more active. We were all praying she continued to improve.

Our hopes were dashed when Iris fell sick around lunchtime and Magnolia became another victim by early evening. By breakfast the next morning, Lily refused to eat, but had a firm stool, so we still held out hope that any infection had been caught early and would respond more quickly to treatment. All four babies were in the isolation ward at the hospital on IVs, antibiotics, and anti-viral medication.

Daisy and her Puppies

Since Mama Daisy Mae was also doing so poorly, she was tested and found to be a low positive, either a carrier or fighting off the Parvo Virus. It was now obvious as to where the pups had been exposed.

Since the Vet had no additional isolation space and the foster home was already contaminated, Daisy Mae was sent home on medication where she is quarantined, but doing well. After several days at the vet's, Lily and Petunia showed signs of improvement. So, they were sent home, still on meds, to continue quarantine. Both still need to be separated from Mama Daisy Mae, as they cannot be allowed close contact or possible nursing activity. They are not however, anywhere near clear of this, and all prayers and best wishes are needed and welcome.

Daisy and her Puppies

Iris and Magnolia remain at the vet's in strict quarantine. Both are still on antibiotics and are also now fighting secondary issues, having come down with upper respiratory infections. Iris is holding her own and hopefully, if all things continue to improve, may be released from the hospital by next Wednesday. Magnolia's condition is listed as "stable" at best and we can only hope that she continues to fight.

We will be keeping you updated on their progress.

Daisy and her Puppies

If you are able to make a donation towards the veterinarian costs for this little family we would be most grateful for your help. Your name will be added as a donor to the 2017 Special Needs section.

Thank you for your support of Daisy and her puppies

BTRN needs your support in order to meet the medical costs incurred in bringing Special Needs Boston Terriers back to a healthy condition. Your contributions in any amount would be greatly appreciated.

March 24, 2017

Daisy's health continues to improve and we are happy to announce that all her puppies have been adopted!

Iris continued to do well and was released from hospital. Magnolia, although much improved, still had an abscess to deal with. This was successfully dealt with while still at the vet. She healed nicely, but it did leave quite a scar on her chest wall, just below the left arm, but healed very quickly. As soon as the abscess healed sufficiently, everyone came in for their final set of shots, returning to their foster home afterwards for a little rest and relaxation.

Daisy and her Puppies
Daisy and her Puppies

Another week passed and their adoptive parents arrived to claim the pups.

Daisy and her Puppies

First to go was Lily. Her Mom and new older sister are delighted.

Daisy and her Puppies

Next was Iris with her new big brother.

Daisy and her Puppies

Here's Petunia with her new family.

It wasn't little Magnolia's time yet. She had to stay with her foster family for another week or so. She could hardly wait!

Daisy and her Puppies

The day finally arrived for Magnolia and her new parents were finally told that they could come pick her up.

Now that all of the excitement died down, it was finally Mama Daisy's turn. She was taken back to the Vet for her spay, and a final Parvo check to make sure she wasn't a carrier. Happily, her tests came back negative, but it was a rough spay as it is with most dogs that have been used for breeding for an extended period of time. She was kept overnight for observation

Daisy and her Puppies

Morning came and all was well, so Daisy was picked up by her foster mother and taken home for a much needed extended recovery.

Now, all that remains is for Daisy to find an adoptive family. That will be a wonderful end to a long, scary,and often painful story.

Daisy and her Puppies

April 2, 2017

We're happy to report that Daisy has been adopted! BTRN would like to thank you very much for your support.

April 26, 2017

Daisy looks very pleased in the arms of her new, loving family. Thank you for making this happy ending possible for Daisy and all of her puppies.

Daisy and her Puppies
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