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Boston Terrier special needs spotlight

If you would like to contribute to the Special Needs Program, please be sure to send your donation clearly marked for the "special needs spotlight Fund"

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DJA veterinarian at an animal clinic took in a 2½ year old unneutered male Boston that had been hit by a car and left untreated. The clinic had to surrender the dog to them several days after the incident when the owners finally sought care for him. The clinic could not keep him indefinitely and began to look for a Rescue to take him.

When a rescue organisation was found, arrangements were made to transfer him from the clinic.

We are calling him "DJ".

With the new vet, DJ's bandages were removed, and he received a thorough examination with a new battery of X-rays. Close examination showed that only one of the two major wounds, the underside one, has granulated over and is beginning to close - the upper one is of major concern at this point.

Cotton and gauze were placed between his toes and pads to prevent moisture in these areas, along with skin degeneration, and to keep the toes spread.

DJ at the vet
DJ at the vet
DJ at the vet

Initial examination and X-rays showed that DJ has a pelvic fracture and a left rear leg fracture at the hock, along with various areas of road rash, and two areas where tissue had been abraded down to the bone. These are the areas that are of particular concern, and why the bandage changes must be done so often.

DJ is going to need another 6-8 weeks of crate rest, with regularly scheduled dressing changes and X-rays done by the Vet, before we know whether surgery will be necessary. Trying to skrimp on this stage of his care could end up crippling him for life, but these Vet visits and X-rays are costly, so financial help is desperately needed so the rescue can continue to provide them. Won't you please help us to help DJ?

June 9, 2011

Well, the cast has been off for 4 days, the open wounds are healed over, and we now begin rehab to rebuild the muscle and regain movement as close to normal as possible. “DJ” is putting weight on the leg 30% of the time now, usually during play when he forgets about it. There has been very little atrophy in the leg due to the type of cast used and its placement, which allowed him to set the leg down and walk on the tips of his toes. The last set of X-rays showed good bone alignment and healing in the pelvis, and in the hock fractures. The bones are reforming and healing well, but it is expected that his gait will be altered and there will definitely be a permanent limp. It sure doesn't slow him down any, and we are projecting 85-90% usage further down the road.

“DJ” is no longer the skinny, scared little boy. He has become a rambunctious teenager with plenty of attitude…….! However, he is still the ever-loving lap-sitting little love sponge. He is extremely alert to anything unusual, or to any visitors…..well before the doorbell even rings.

We are hoping that “DJ” will be recovered enough to be ready for a new home by the end of June, or the beginning of July. We are presently looking for a home where someone is home most of the time, one that has a fenced yard, and preferably, with another dog (or two) to romp with. He is good with kids, and so far has ignored the "resident cat". However, there shouldn’t be any rodents or birds in the home.

DJ sunning
DJ sniffing
DJ posing
DJ chewed that!

July 25, 2011

DJ's new home!

DJ has a new forever home complete with a Mom, Dad and a two-legged little brother.

He is a happy boy!

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If you would like to contribute to the special needs spotlight, please be sure to send your donation clearly marked for the "special needs spotlight Fund" to Boston Terrier Rescue Net, via PayPal to BTRN2000@insight.rr.com or by mail to:

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