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The Boston Terrier Rescue Net is a 501c3
non-profit organization dedicated to fundraising to assist national Boston Terrier Rescue efforts.

Boston Terrier special needs spotlight

It is a sad fact that many smaller Rescue groups have had to fold because they don't have the resources to continue, and others are alive and struggling, but have had to turn down dogs due to lack of resources. We know that everyone in rescue is overloaded, overworked, under funded, and exhausted...! And, with Vet bills continuously going up, there is an ever increasing number of very sick, and or abused animals coming into rescue regularly. Therefore, BTRN, in its role as a national fundraiser, has developed a sponsorship program in which one Special Needs Rescue Boston will be "Showcased" on our website, with fundraising efforts directed towards that one Boston until its medical expenses have been met, at which time, another will be showcased. Any Boston in rescue may apply to be showcased, however special consideration will always be given to the neediest....... and those having no funding from any other venue.

If you would like to contribute to the Special Needs Program, please be sure to send your donation clearly marked for the "special needs spotlight Fund"


October 6 2009

Flynn's Story

Flynn is a small Boston who is only a year old. Several weeks ago his rescue group received a phone call from a veterinarian where Flynn had been taken after being found injured at the side of a street. X-rays revealed that he had a broken back leg. The vet was calling to see if the rescue group would take him into their program.

The rescue group (which consists of only two people) immediately went to get Flynn and took him to their own vet, who took numerous x-rays and discovered that this poor boy had three broken legs. The back right leg was so badly injured that it had to be amputated. Flynn still needs surgery on his back left leg to remove the broken "top" of the femur. Surgery was attempted on September 29th but Flynn "flatlined" when put under the anesthetic. The plan is to perform surgery again soon using a different anesthetic. Flynn has been hospitalized since the first day at the vet's.

As noted before, the rescue group consists of only two people. In addition, the group is in a "high rescue incidence" area and their available resources are always stretched to the limit. Flynn's surgery expense could push them right off the map, and the dogs who do not get rescued would be the ones who suffer the most. This is a desperate situation and we need YOUR help in meeting Flynn's surgical needs. Please donate what you can to this needy puppy.

The vet performed Flynn's femur surgery yesterday, Oct 6th. One of the staff took these photographs during the procedure. The surgery was successful and the doctor was able to remove the head of the femur. With hopefully, this final surgery, Flynn should be able to get around really well even though he will be on 3 legs. Time and plenty of rest is what is needed now to allow Flynn to fully heal.
Poor little boy has had major trauma in his short life.


October 17, 2009

Flynn finally is well enough to leave the vets after almost two months of care. He went to his foster home yesterday October 16. He is doing very well and making friends with his new roommate, a female Boston Terrier. Now that Flynn can exercise we are hopeful that within a couple of weeks he will be able to build some muscle mass in his back leg which was lost due to his injuries and inactivity. At the moment he is learning to balance on three legs but manages to get around fairly well.

Any donation you are able to make to help pay his vet bills will be most appreciated and will also be tax deductible! Your name will go on BTRN's Special Needs Wall of Thanks.


UPDATE:15 November 2009

BTRN is very happy to report that Flynn has just been placed in a wonderful home with people who saw him on BTRN's Website and applied to become his forever family! This is wonderful news and we are so happy that Flynn is going to a great home! We truly appreciate the contributions some of you have already made to meet Flynn’s unusual medical expenses, but the battle isn’t over just yet. Even though Flynn is being placed, his medical bills still exceed the money we have raised, so we need you to send in contributions until his account is cleared. Only then can we put another deserving Boston in our Special Needs Program, so, PLEASE send whatever you can to help us clear Flynn’s bill. This is an excellent example of how YOU and your donations can bring about a successful recovery and placement.

We at BTRN are grateful to all of you who make these small miracles possible!


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