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Boston Terrier special needs spotlight

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Although Heidi is completely blind she is one of the sweetest puppies we've ever had in rescue, she just wants to be loved. She was dumped on the streets (do you really think she was able to “stray” anywhere at all?), and turned over to Rescue underweight at only 13 lbs., under a year old, with no house manners, or socialization at all. We've been working on house training her and teaching her how to walk/run on a leash (we don't think she's ever gotten to run very much). She loves to play with other dogs although sometime she can be a bit rough, but she is learning quickly, and has been doing really well!


Unfortunately Heidi's eyes did not develop in the womb: her right eye is almost nonexistent consisting of tissue and the remnants of a third eyelid. There is a constant mucus discharge coming from this area. Her left eye never fully developed and is actually a cystic type globe structure with a third eyelid holding the globe in place. This cyst is growing and causing increasing pain for Heidi. Both need to be removed to relieve the pain, and make her life bearable.


To deal with the pain, or when nervous or anxious she tends to spin in circles. And once the eye removal issues are taken care of she will have a neurologist appointment to be sure there are no further issues.


After her surgery she will be able to safely grow into her full potential. She is willing after all - this life is what she considers normal - she doesn't complain. Let's show her how good life can be. Won't you help us to help her?

Heidi Update 10/26/2014

Heidi is doing really well since her surgery. She is healing well and cold compresses are helping with the swelling which seems to be lessening. The vet gave Heidi's foster mom plenty of medication to make sure she is not in pain.


Since Heidi is not allowed to play or run around while she has her stitches in they also gave her sedatives because there is a great deal of difficulty keeping her still. The medications Heidi is given for pain are a big help in keeping her activity level down also.


Just prior to Heidi's surgery her foster mother noticed a small raised raw-looking spot on her front leg which appears to be getting larger. A close eyes is being kept on it, noting the rate of growth. As soon as Heidi has a chance to "bounce back" from the surgery, she will be seen by her regular vet to address this issue.


Heidi Update 10/30/2014

Poor Heidi has been having a pretty tough couple of days. She has developed nausea and has vomited several times. Luckily she did not get sick this morning. And, since she is now finished with her meds, we are hoping that will be the end of that problem. However, her right eye is extremely swollen, so Heidi is going back to the vet for yet another checkup.


November 1st 2014 Update

The swelling on Heidi's right eye was not going down, so we returned to the surgeon on Friday. After seeing the swelling, a decision was made to do a needle aspiration to see if there was fluid build-up or infection. Imagine everyones surprise when it turned out to be air! The vet said that this was quite rare, but can happen. Apparently, the air is forced up through the tear duct when Heidi swallows, but the duct closes and doesnt allow the air back out, so it just builds up, like blowing up a balloon with a one-way valve. We were so pleased that it wasnt an infection.
In any case, the air pocket was deflated and we are told that the tear duct should just scar over and stop allowing the air to enter, but if it doesnt Heidi will need a procedure to take care of it. In the meantime, her foster Mom has been instructed in a method to gently release the air if it builds up again. Heidis stitches were able to be removed while she was there, as the surgical sites are healing beautifully.

As for the small growth that was noted earlier, it has not grown further and has even improved since she has been wearing the e-collar. Therefore, we are hoping that if she is discouraged from bothering it, it may go away on its own. We will know more about that when she next sees her primary vet.


Heidi November 20th Update

Everything has been going well for our little girl! Her eyes are healing nicely as you can see, and since she is no longer in pain she is starting to enjoy life.

The growth on the front leg is now a non-issue and we believe that some of the spinning activity she had been demonstrating is only her way of orienting herself to her surroundings and should even lessen in time as she gets more secure in a permanent home.

If you are interested in providing that home and adopting Heidi, please let us know. She is waiting patiently and Christmas is coming!

She sends everyone out there who contributed to her care many, many "doggie kisses" and our deepest thanks as well.


Heidi December 12th Update

Hello everyone, I'm happy to report that Heidi is doing very well and needs nothing except her very own home. She's a lovely girl who gets along well with other dogs and seems very eager to please. Having never been able to see, she has adapted very well and her only request is for people to share the love she has to offer in a place of her own.

If you are interested in Heidi or know of someone who is please contact contact us.

Thank you and Happy Holidays to everyone!


Heidi December 19th Update

We are thrilled to report that Heidi has been adopted and now has her own forever home. She shares her new home with a Boston brother, also adopted. She's a very happy girl!

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