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Boston Terrier special needs spotlight

If you would like to contribute to the Special Needs Program, please be sure to send your donation clearly marked for the "special needs spotlight Fund"

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Left in the pound's overnight drop box and discarded like garbage!

Her name is Honeybun.  That's what the rescue group named her because she has a sweet personality and is just a darling Boston.  Unfortunately, Honeybun's health is not as good as her personality.  In fact, she is in terrible condition.  She is covered with mange and her skin is raw from her head to her tail, with only a little hair remaining around her face and feet.  She has been diagnosed with two mammary cancers. 

Poor Honeybun is also heartworm positive, adding yet another burden to this poor little girl's life.  Her age has been estimated to be six years or possibly more, although her condition makes it impossible to be more accurate.  She has had at least several litters of puppies.  The only thing certain about her is that she has had little or no health care in her entire life and now is in need of extensive attention.

Honeybun's rescue group, needs financial assistance to see that she receives the care she needs and deserves.  This little girl has suffered enough, and we need your contributions to help end her suffering and give her a new life.  Please, donate whatever you can for Honeybun's medical expenses and know that your donation will be applied to saving and rehabilitating her.

Your donations are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.

Honeybun Honeybun - Mammary Tumor
Mammary Tumor Honeybun Honeybun

Honeybun Update August 15th

Honeybun's coat is responding slowly but steadily to the three special weekly baths she receives plus daily lotion body massages. She also receives two antibiotics twice daily and, as a result of this special care, the hair is growing back in many areas and some of her skin sores are healing. It will take time, but progress is visible, as can be seen in the attached photograph of Honeybun enjoying a sun bath.

Poor Honeybun was also found to be riddled with hook and whip worms when she came into rescue, causing her immune system to be even more depressed. Treatment has been administered but recovery will be slow as her system builds up enough to battle the heartworms and cancer.

Finally, one of Honeybun's mammary tumors is still seeping blood and fluid. The mastectomy to correct these problems has been set for August 23rd and we are hoping that she will come through that surgery fully ready to proceed with other treatments. We are hoping for that, but such success cannot be guaranteed.

Certainly, Honeybun is showing signs of improvement but she has a long way to go and the treatments to take her back to good health are going to be expensive. Honeybun and her loving foster mother (whom Honeybun is very lucky to have!) and all of us will be grateful for any contribution you can make towards her medical costs.

Honeybun Update August 24th

Honeybun did not have the surgery yesterday the 23rd August as planned. Honeybun was not feeling well at all. So her vet didn’t think it was advisable to put her through surgery. Her vet said she’s not responding to the medication and now they’re going to tackle her skin issues more aggressively. She also has a yeast infection. So the surgery has been postponed indefinitely. Her foster mom thought Honeybun just wasn’t responding to her new name, but now it’s been determined that she is also deaf.

Honeybun needs your prayers and support to help her get through this latest crisis.


UpdateSeptember 29th

Honeybun's surgery to remove the mammary tumors was performed last Monday 26th September. We are pleased to report that her vet believes he was able to remove all of the tumors.

Her foster mom says she is doing well and is feeling so much better.

We will update again on her progress.

Honeybun Honeybun Honeybun Honeybun

January 12th 2012 Update:

You all remember, I'm sure, what a difficult life poor Honeybun had before finally coming into the rescue program. In brief, she had been totally neglected, had never received even the basics of attention, care and love that every Boston deserves. And then, to cap it off, she was dumped in a shelter's overnight drop box! She was found by the shelter staff the next morning with mange and raw skin from head to tail and it was soon determined that she had two mammary tumors, was heartworm positive, was riddled with hook and whip worms, all of which had resulted in an extremely weakened immune system. As if that were not enough, it was later learned that she is also deaf.

Given such a terrible start, it would be amazing if she survived very long, but she has not only survived in rescue, she is a new girl! Here are a few recent photographs of the "New Honeybun," in a much improved state of health and happy as a lark in her foster home, eating well and feeling love --- and even chasing the cat now and then!

Honeybun Honeybun Honeybun

Honeybun loves her life these days and we are all ecstatic about her recovery and progress. Even better, her story has a very happy ending because her foster Mom loves her so much she has decided to keep her forever! Honeybun will continue to receive the best of care and any medical treatment she may need and can live out her life in a loving and happy home.

This story had a truly happy ending and we want to thank all of you caring donors who contributed to Honeybun's miracle!

Honeybun loves her life these days and we are all ecstatic about her recovery and progress. Even better, her story has a very happy ending because her foster Mom loves her so much she has decided to keep her forever!

Donate to the special needs spotlight Fund

If you would like to contribute to the special needs spotlight, please be sure to send your donation clearly marked for the "special needs spotlight Fund" to Boston Terrier Rescue Net, via PayPal to BTRN2000@insight.rr.com or by mail to:

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