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Boston Terrier special needs spotlight

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Our new Special Needs Boy is Leroy, estimated 10 years of age, who came into rescue on May 1. His owner called rescue because he couldn't afford Leroy's medical expenses. The rescue coordinator told the owner to turn him over to rescue at the vet's. Poor Leroy was suffering from a long-standing foot infection (please note, these pictures are quite graphic) and also in dire need of medical and dental attention. The first thing the vet noticed was that the smell coming from Leroy's infected foot was so vile it could be detected well beyond the room he was in. The vet examined him and determined that the infection had atrophied the entire leg and that it should be amputated.


He said that Leroy was in considerable pain that could be relieved only if the leg came off. The poor boy was found to be riddled with hookworm. He also had several broken teeth and was in dire need of a dental. He was tested for heartworm and, fortunately the results were negative. All other tests including blood work were fine. Obviously, Leroy had been neglected before being turned in, but the vet felt that with the necessary surgery Leroy could be a healthy, pain-free boy.


At the end of a week of testing and observation, the vet felt that Leroy should be sent to a different vet who could better assess his specific needs, so Leroy was transferred to Vet #2. The second vet agreed with the first vet's diagnosis and prognosis but performed a biopsy of the mass on Leroy's foot. After a week the results came back, benign, great news! Leroy has been with the second vet since then. Since May 1, Leroy has been on constant pain medication and anti-biotics.


Including both current and projected expenses for the care Leroy needs, the bill is estimated at $2,000 plus. The volunteer who took Leroy into rescue did a brave and unusual thing, as many volunteers cannot or will not accept "older" Bostons because of the possibly high medical bills. This one did and is now hoping that BTRN and Boston lovers everywhere can help in this courageous and expensive undertaking.
Please, we need your help to help Leroy! With the treatment he needs plus the love and care of the volunteer, it is possible that Leroy can one day enjoy life in a forever home with loving, caring owners.

June 8, 2015

Leroy's procedure to remove his atrophied leg and badly infected foot went very well. There were no problems. He also had three teeth removed and a dental.



Several days later Leroy is learning how to balance and move around on three legs, and will get better at both over time.



After a month at the vet, Leroy went to his foster home on Friday June 5th. Although he still has a way to go, Leroy is headed toward a relatively normal life, thanks to those of you who kept him in your thoughts and prayers. We'll keep you posted as Leroy's road to recovery continues.

Leroy Update July 6th, 2015

Leroy has had two foster homes since leaving the vet's office. The first was a temporary foster who specializes in caring for patients recently out of surgery or intensive treatment.

His second and current foster mother is better equipped to provide long-term care and assist in his rehabilitation. There were no stairs involved in his first foster home so he was able to move about the house easily on his three legs. He proved himself to be a perfect house guest with no signs of accidents of any kind. He used the doggie door and the ramp to the garden with ease.

In his current home, there are still no stairs but there is no doggie door either and Leroy has now and then had an accident while he is getting accustomed to his new surroundings. He follows his foster mother around and loves to be petted, never barks and sleeps comfortably on a pile of blankets in the dining room. Leroy gets along well with other dogs showing no aggression at all.

His latest vet report indicates that his hookworms are gone and he is heartworm negative, which will help him in recovering his strength.
He doesn't seem to like having his picture taken though and scampers off whenever he sees the camera, but here he is waiting for a favorite treat, cantaloupe, which he loves.


His foster mother has a step up into the house from outside, and a step up from their dog room to the rest of the house, and he does ok there, but has to regain his balance afterwards, multiple steps at this time may be too much for him. He doesn't mind being carried though, he has taken a liking to being pampered.

August 31, 2015

You all remember Leroy's story. He has been through tremendous suffering for years and only after he came into Rescue was anything done for him. His surgery was a success and he is learning to get along on three legs.

Leroy went to an ophthalmic surgeon August 21st since his left eye was extremely red and Irritated, the surgeon found two benign tumors under that eyelid and another starting under his right eyelid. All were removed that day and Leroy has much better vision. He returns to the surgeon on September 4th to insure all is well.

What Leroy needs now, and desperately, is a stable, forever home with a companion who will give him the love he missed during his first years. He does not ask for much, just loves his food and treats and likes to kiss faces. Leroy prances about like a pup when happy and is good with children and other dogs. He is heartworm negative, current on vaccines, neutered, and up to date in all "routine" precautions. All in all, Leroy is a lovely older gentleman who is ready for bringing joy into someone's life.


If you feel you can share your life with Leroy, send in an apdoption application and get ready to welcome your next great love!

Thank you for your support.

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