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Boston Terrier special needs spotlight

If you would like to contribute to the Special Needs Program, please be sure to send your donation clearly marked for the "special needs spotlight Fund"


Pudge's Update May 2008

"I finally have my very own home. My new folks think I am the best boy and really love me a lot. I, of course love them too. They even took this new photo of me to show every one how much better I am now, not to mention how handsome! We'd all like to say thank you to all of you who helped with my vet bills, we are very grateful."


Pudge's Story
Written By: Pudge

I was born on June 28, 2000, that makes me a Cancer. I grew up in a home with another dog and I am currently in a foster home with three other dogs and I love them all. I get along well with other dogs; however, I am not too crazy about those pesky little cats. I also love to play with children and I am always well behaved. I don’t growl, snap or bite. I love to ride and cars and go swimming. I do not like to be crated. I am a great house dog that loves to cuddle and sleep with you. But beware I am a bit of a snoring machine.

Unfortunately in the end of December 2007 my owner was walking me and I some how got away. I don’t remember if I was on a leash or not but I ended up getting lost and could not find my way home. Almost a month later I was wandering around one day and came face to face with a moving car. A kind person took me to Boston Terrier Rescue. I had a collar on but unfortunately the number on my tag was disconnected so no one was able to contact my owner. Rescue got me to a specialty vet in where the doctor could fix me up like new. Turns out this time I broke my right arm in a really bad spot and had the skin on my lips scrapped off. I went into surgery on January 28th so the doctors could fix me up. All together they had to remove my elbow, put two very long rods in my arm and wrap it with a wire. I know it sounds painful but don’t worry the doctors gave me some medicine so I won’t feel the pain. Because of where I broke my arm there was nothing they could do to repair the piece of bone that broke off in my elbow. The doctor said that this shouldn’t affect my quality of life at all. He even said that once I am all healed up I will be able to run and play just as mush as I did before the accident. The part that I don’t like is that I have to be crated for up to 12 weeks until I am all healed up. In 6 to 12 weeks when my bones are all better they will have to pull those pins and wire out. That sounds really painful! But I have a lot of faith in my foster mom and dad that they will take great care of me.

Rescue was finally able to track down my owner and let her know what had happened to me. They told me that she was very happy I was found but also very sad because she couldn’t take care of me anymore. Turns out that my other owner had broken his foot and couldn’t get around easy and it would be too hard for him to keep up with me. Plus she just had a baby and is really busy as a mom and I guess money is just too tight for them to help me out. They told me that she signed some release papers and gave me up. Yeah it really makes me sad to hear that but it also makes really happy because my foster mom and dad tell me every day that they promise to only let me go to a home that I will be very loved and well taken care of.

I know I still have a long road to being all healed up, 10 weeks to be exact, but I will get there and when I do I will make the best addition to any family.

I would really like to say thank you to the Rescue that found me and saved my life. If it were not for them I don’t know where I would be; probably on the side of the road somewhere. To BTRN for putting me on the Special Needs page to raise money to pay for my surgery. I hear that these organizations do this for a lot of dogs in my kind of position. They sure must have really big hearts because I bet help like this isn’t cheap. So if you can find it in your heart to donate some money, it would be very much appreciated by me and all the other Bostons needing help; and please don’t forget I am waiting for my forever home, please adopt me (or another Boston just like me). Thanks for reading my story.


Pudge's Update:

I just wanted to give everyone an update as to what was going on with me. I went back to see my Orthopedic Surgeon for a checkup and he said that I was doing very well but he wanted to leave the pins in my leg for another six weeks just to be sure everything was all healed up. I am getting around VERY well and my foster mom has to hold me back and remind me to take it easy sometimes. I will return to Birmingham to see my doctor on April 15. I will probably get the pins removed then. They tell me it will be a minor procedure and I will be able to go home that day.

My first foster mom was great but she had a sickness in the family so I went to live in Mississippi for a while. My new foster mom and dad LOVE me and say that I am one of the best dogs they have ever been around. They have three other dogs and I get along marvelously with all of them. They even have a young Boston pup and she loves me and sticks to me like glue. She calls me "Uncle Pudge". I haven't been around cats or kids at this home but my previous fosters said that I wasn't too crazy about cats but loved to play with children. I am calm and well-behaved. I never bite, snap, growl, or cause trouble in any way. I love going for car rides, playing with toys and my foster sisters, and tunneling under the covers and sleeping with mom and dad at night in their bed. But if you'd prefer, I'd be just as happy sleeping in a nice, soft, doggie bed in your room though. I do snore a bit but mom and dad says it is music to their ears as it is to most Boston lovers! I do not like to be crated. I love people and love being around them. I come when called and even eat out of the same food bowls with my foster sister Bostons. I am totally house trained and will go to the door to let you know when I need to go out. My mom says there is not an aggressive bone in my body and that I'd make a wonderful pet for anyone. I did run away from my last home and that's how I got hit by the car so I'd probably do better with someone who had a fenced yard. It's not that I don't appreciate a good home. I just love to explore and I can get lost. The last time I weighed in, I was 29.3 lbs. I am a big, handsome boy!!

My foster mom says there's nothing not to love about me and that someone is going to be lucky to get a "perfect" pet. I certainly would love to have a family of my very own to love and adore me and that I can love right back. So if you are interested in a "perfect" pet that promises to always be your "special" boy, please fill out an adoption application! I'm patiently waiting to be your new best friend forever!

Donate to the special needs spotlight Fund:

If you would like to contribute to the special needs spotlight, please be sure to send your donation clearly marked for the "special needs spotlight Fund" to Boston Terrier Rescue Net, via PayPal to BTRN2000@insight.rr.com or by mail to:

P.O. Box 734
New Albany, Ohio

Donors names will initially be posted to the special needs spotlight
page and subsequently to the Wall Of Thanks.

Your donation will be tax deductible to the full amount allowed by the law.


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