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The Boston Terrier Rescue Net is a 501c3
non-profit organization dedicated to fundraising to assist national Boston Terrier Rescue efforts.

Boston Terrier special needs spotlight

It is a sad fact that many smaller Rescue groups have had to fold because they don't have the resources to continue, and others are alive and struggling, but have had to turn down dogs due to lack of resources. We know that everyone in rescue is overloaded, overworked, under funded, and exhausted...! And, with Vet bills continuously going up, there is an ever increasing number of very sick, and or abused animals coming into rescue regularly. Therefore, BTRN, in its role as a national fundraiser, has developed a sponsorship program in which one Special Needs Rescue Boston will be "Showcased" on our website, with fundraising efforts directed towards that one Boston until its medical expenses have been met, at which time, another will be showcased. Any Boston in rescue may apply to be showcased, however special consideration will always be given to the neediest....... and those having no funding from any other venue.

If you would like to contribute to the Special Needs Program, please be sure to send your donation clearly marked for the "special needs spotlight Fund"

Rocky Weezer

September 21 2009

Rocky's Story


Rocky..... Just like the movie, the least expected to win, a burning heart, an undying spirit, a will so strong and nothing can hold him down. This little man is approximately 12 years young. He was taken to a kill shelter the summer 2009 by his owners and left to die there. It didn't happen....

Rocky has a heart murmur, severe dental issues, cataracts, glaucoma, 90% blind and limited hearing. But, what makes you gasp is when you see the champion walking with his neglected, injured BUT I HAVE ADAPTED gait. Rocky's former owners neglected him greatly and two luxating patellas were allowed to remain untreated. The joints, the body adapted and froze. His legs forever molded into a crablike bowed position.This along with countless hours crated in evidently circumstances too small for his dear body, his spine is curved and the little old man remains scarred by this neglect for the remainder of his life. BUT, does it slow him down...Not the least.Oh, how he loves to explore.

Rocky Looking Hard Right "Must be a snack over there?"
My nose still works fine!


When he is touched, he raises his head to find the direction of who is reaching out to him and smiles. He loves to simply be held, close to you. BUT, on his terms....you never know when he will give a wiggle and want down to yet again experience a freedom we are sure he never had before in his life. Rocky inspires all who are privileged to meet him.


Dear little Rocky fell two weeks ago and dislocated his right hind leg. He needed a few stitches and has been in a sling. The sling was removed yesterday and the leg at this point is useless, but, oh, it must feel good to have that sling off! He hops as gently as he can for bathroom breaks, but "exploring" is impossible right now. This is sad as exploring is his great pleasure. We are hoping to get a small cart for Rocky to give him back his mobility, the joy in his life!!

October 7th 2009.

Rocky underwent surgery today to remove an eye which was collecting fluid and causing him a lot of pain. He came through the surgery with flying colors. He is a tough old boy.

He is not able to stand on his left hind leg since his fall 2 weeks ago, his leg just dangles and is useless . Rocky is still waiting for his wheelchair to arrive.

Rocky is great with other dogs and even likes cats.

What You Can Do To Help Rocky!

Please help us to purchase a cart for this sweet boy and also please consider giving him his very own home where he could spend the rest of his days. That would be an added bonus. Thank you


October 17, 2009

We have ordered a wheelcart for Rocky since he so desperately needs one to help him get around without discomfort.


UPDATE November 3rd 2009:
At last, Rocky is a happy boy and after several months in foster care has begun wiggling and wagging his nub tail a lot.  He has really blossomed since having his infected right eye removed!  He loves his foster family and spends his time hanging out with them while his foster mom home-schools her children.  Talk about being pampered, Rocky lolls in his sling while his foster mom does household chores.
rocky chair 1 
rocky chair 1 


After painstaking measuring and several phone calls plus pictures to make sure the chair would fit his unique needs, Rocky's chariot has arrived.  Rocky did not balk at all to be placed in it and one thing we noticed immediately that was so exciting was his posture. His crooked, arched back was straightened a bit and Rocky could hold his head up! He looked straight ahead after who knows how long the poor boy had stared at the ground!  He even lifted his little nose  up and sniffed the air!! Then he took his first steps. The wheelchair offers him support and balance so he can be out and about on his farm patrol . Rocky can now enjoy his freedom again!

Rocky Weezer past away today February 23rd 2010.

He is laid to rest beside Jojo in the yard of the family who have so lovingly cared for him these past months.

Thank you for loving him with us.






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