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Boston Terrier special needs spotlight

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Roscoe is 5 yr old recently neutered 26 lb male Boston Terrier who was an emergency medical pull by a Boston Terrier Rescue group from a Humane Society where he was received as an owner surrender less than 24 hrs prior to release.
This young boy came in with bilateral hemorrhaged sclera, limited vision in left eye due to corneal scarring, massive swelling in the eyes, orbits, head, neck and facial area and extremely head / hand shy.
The facility's vet suspected glaucoma due to the positioning and swelling of the eyes. However, at rescue's request, he was seen hours before release by a private vet in the area who has done a lot of emergency work, to evaluate Roscoe's medical needs and acquire supportive meds. Since it was a Saturday, you can well imagine what a mad scramble ensued to get him seen right away!

The good news is he still has vision in both eyes and was stable enough to transport. He is, at present, safe in a foster home experienced in handling traumatic injuries and specialized eye care. The bad news is the examining vet believes Roscoe was manually strangled or hung which would fully explain the damage presented and Roscoe's fear.
At 10:30 am on Monday, after travelling 1 1/2 hrs, Roscoe met his new eye vet. This ophthalmologist is the best you can find anywhere, and after all he's been through, Roscoe deserves the best.


After a thorough and complete examination the vet was very pleased that the emergency steps instituted since Saturday were working so well. At this point, the pressure in and behind the eyes has fallen and is presently under control. Although there is some scarring in the left eye - this apparently was not the first time his eyes have seen traumatic injury. He does still have vision in both eyes! And, as long as the pressure continues to fall, further damage can be averted. He will need to be monitored regularly for a good while, with regular visits to the ophthalmologist, to make sure that the pressure does not reverse itself and go into glaucoma, but at this point we are extremely hopeful for a good outcome and very, very grateful.

Once he is found to be "out of the woods", his new parents will need to be very aware of anything that may raise Roscoe's eye pressure such as wearing a collar he will need to wear only harness just to be on the safe side and will need to have him checked annually, at a minimum, by an ophthalmologist as a follow-up.

Any help you can provide with costs involved in Roscoe's emergency Vet visit, Ophthalmology consultation, and on-going pressure monitoring, would be greatly appreciated.

Roscoe up-date 04/23/2014

After 10 days in Rescue, Roscoe is making great strides in recovery. He no longer has any swelling in the head and neck area and his eyes are almost totally normal looking, well as normal as a "wall eyed" dog's eyes can look! There is minimal retinal damage and under the red light test he had good vision, but the blue light was slightly deficient. This means he does not see well in low light. The scarring on his left eye has left him with limited forward vision, but his peripheral vision is sufficient in that eye, although he does tend to "bump" on that side and depends more on the right eye to maneuver. His pressures are now in the normal range, and seem to be holding steady, and we are hoping that they continue to do so.


All in all, he has done a wonderful job mending and has regained trust with his human care giver. Still a little hand shy when approached, but in time we feel this too will be overcome. Roscoe is an extremely affectionate bouncing baby boy who deserves a second chance to be cherished. He has shown no aggression with other dogs and has even joined the other foster dogs in the morning romps before breakfast. He is completely housebroken and loves to ride in the car.


Roscoe up-date 05/3/2014

Roscoe is an extremely affectionate boy who deserves a second chance to be cherished. He sometimes gets a bit carried away with other dogs but has been practicing the social graces and is learning to get along, although a "one other dog or an only dog home" would be the best fit for him.

His eyes are now clear, pressures are good; but he still has limited vision with the scarring on the left eye as evidenced by a recent scrape on the lower lid of his left eye.


He has toned up and gained muscle mass with his daily running with the other foster dogs doing the "Boston 500" and now weighs a lean 26 lbs. However, trying to convince him he is not a tiny lap dog is fruitless - he wants to be loved and in your lap constantly and will "arrive" there without notice.

He will make a wonderful addition to any home and will bring with him a dedication like no other gentleman - a wonderful cuddly package of unconditional love.


Roscoe update 01/01/2016

You'll be happy to know that Roscoe has been adopted.
Thank you to everyone for your support.

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