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Boston Terrier special needs spotlight

If you would like to contribute to the Special Needs Program, please be sure to send your donation clearly marked for the "special needs spotlight Fund"


Sadie Update May 2008

Since Sadie's surgical results were not successful, we do not want to put Sadie through additional surgery that may also yield less than stellar results. In order to assist Sadie with mobility, she has now been fitted with a cart. Thank you so much to everyone who helped Sadie.

Sadie's Story


Sadie just turned one year old in July 2007. This poor little girl has been tossed from one place to another in her very young life. Her original owners sold her at around 3-4 months of age, telling the buyers that Sadie had injured her back and legs when she fell down a flight of stairs. When her legs didn't improve, the owners called Sadie's previous vet and discovered that Sadie had major health problems. Instead of caring for her, they dumped her at a local kill and amazingly the shelter staff called Boston Terrier Rescue and she was saved.

When Sadie arrived in Rescue she could hardly walk, falling frequently, even while attempting to go potty. Sadie’s eyes were severely red, cloudy and painful, so she kept them closed much of the time. Sadie is a very patient little girl who endures her pain without complaint. She enjoyed being held and comforted by the loving arms of her rescue foster mother.

Sadie underwent an evaluation at a Vet Hospital, where it was revealed that Sadie had a numerous medical problems. She has painful ulcers on her eyes, a ruptured disc in her back and torn Cruciate ligaments in both hind legs.


Sadie Has Back Surgery


It was determined that the problems with Sadie’s spine should take priority and on July 18th, 2007 Sadie underwent spine surgery to repair her disc. She did well and was released a few days later. Sadie's diagnostic testing and pre-surgical procedures and medical expenses to date totaling $3700.00 were covered in full by the generous donations of some caring individuals.

Now We Need Your Help

Due to Sadie's back being cut open and her spine being removed during surgery, it was impossible to spay her at that time. Unfortunately, shortly thereafter Sadie developed a bad case of Pyometra, an infection in the uterus that is painful and often fatal if not treated quickly. Just six weeks after her back surgery, precious Sadie had to go under the knife again. This surgery was risky, because the veterinarian had detected a major heart murmur and had to undergo an emergency spay procedure. Now we are fighting with Sadie's chronic bladder infections and eye problems, and we are continuing to try new medications to keep her healthy.

Once Sadie has recuperated from her emergency spay her next challenge will be knee surgeries on both back legs to repair her torn Cruciate ligaments. The estimated cost is $1,250.00 for each leg, for a total of $2,500.00. We are hoping to raise funds to cover the surgeries, and in the meantime continue to work on getting Sadie past her bladder infection.

Sadie is making excellent progress but we still need your help so she can have the necessary surgeries needed so she can live a long and pain free life.

Sadie Update

Sadie had knee surgery January 29th. She did fine throughout the surgery. They operated on her left knee. What the doctor found was not what we expected. Sadie's anterior cruciate ligament was not torn. It is intact, but very loose. The bones in Sadie's hind legs are deformed; most likely a birth defect. She has some arthritis, and the cartilage in her knee is worn from the bones rubbing together. The Vet used a suture to try to stabilize Sadie's leg, but it is unknown whether this will help - it might take several weeks.

Sadie will never run like a normal dog. The vets have as their goal to keep her as pain free as possible, and to slow down the deterioration in her legs. She is such a stoic little girl, it is hard to tell how much pain she is in. We will continue to give her much love while she is here recovering, and to make her quality of life the best it can be.

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If you would like to contribute to the special needs spotlight, please be sure to send your donation clearly marked for the "special needs spotlight Fund" to Boston Terrier Rescue Net, via PayPal to BTRN2000@insight.rr.com or by mail to:

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