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Boston Terrier special needs spotlight

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Special Needs Spotlight Sponsors 2016



Our latest Special Needs is a petite female Boston weighing only 14 lbs. named Star, and in the 2 (est.) years of her life to date she has had more than her share of suffering and pain.
We know that she has had at least two "homes" before coming into rescue, and in one of them she had an injury that resulted in severe damage to one of her eyes.

Not long ago, Star was picked up as a stray by a high-kill shelter and was found to have a microchip. This allowed the shelter to identify her owner, who was notified of her current situation. She also had a medical examination and the vet found a possible mass behind the bad eye, which made her ineligible for shelter adoption.. No one ever showed up to claim her, so her only options were euthanasia or rescue.

The local rescue group was contacted, responded quickly, and took her directly to their vet for examination and treatment. She was given pain medication and antibiotics and a specialist in ophthalmology was notified of her condition and need of rapid attention but, as often happens in the human world, no appointment was available for several weeks. The rescue volunteer persevered, however, sending photos showing Star's damaged eye, and the vet was able to find a spot during lunch the next day to see her.


As promised, the vet saw her instead of having lunch the following day and Star had bloodwork done to ensure that she could withstand the surgery. She was determined stable enough for the surgery, but had an elevated white blood cell count indicating that she had a serious infection. Star was prepped and underwent the surgery as planned.

The vet found that the mass that had been suspected was mostly rotted tissue behind the bad eye. His opinion was that at some point the eye had popped out of its socket and someone had tried to replace it, but had done serious damage in the process. The tissue around the damage had rotted and become a serious infection, causing poor Star tremendous pain. The eye was removed and the entire area was cleaned of all traces of infection, so that only clean, pink, healthy-looking tissue remained.


The surgery was a complete success and Star was moved into recovery where she could be monitored while she came out of the anesthesia. Her new "foster Dad" was notified and came to pick her up immediately after work that day. Star was still groggy when she went home to complete her recovery.

Because of the quick action of the shelter, the rescue volunteer, and the caring vet, Star is expected to have a full recovery.
When she is fully ready for adoption, the rescue will find her a home that will truly be hers forever and she can forget what has happened in the past.

October 23, 2016


Star was recovering nicely until she developed a urinary tract infection that set her back a bit and required additional antibiotic treatment. Once the infection had cleared, she went back to her regular surgeon to have the sutures removed from the healing surgical site. During that visit, the Rescue volunteer asked the surgeon to evaluate Star's remaining eye to determine whether it might be subject to the same type of injury that took her other eye. The surgeon gave her a thorough examination and said he was confident that Star did not need additional surgery to stabilize the eye. With that report and her recovery from the infection, Star is in good health today, thanks to the contributions of BTRN, the caring of the rescue volunteer and the excellent surgeon.

We are happy to report that Star is now completely ready for adoption! If you would like to adopt Star send an application to BTRN and we will forward it to her rescue coordinator.

December 1, 2016

Good news! Star has been adopted.


BTRN needs your support in order to meet the medical costs incurred in bringing special needs boston terriers back to a healthy condition. Your contributions in any amount would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your support of sweet Star.

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