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Boston Terrier special needs spotlight

If you would like to contribute to the Special Needs Program, please be sure to send your donation clearly marked for the "special needs spotlight Fund"

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Another deserving little girl needs our help, a 6-year old spayed female Boston who came into rescue with several medical conditions that require expensive procedures. Torri-Lynn was placed into the rescue program when her parents divorced and her medical expenses were more than the single parent could afford. Her current diagnosis involves the following health issues:

  • A recent x-ray found a mass on one of her kidneys and the vet recommends removal of that kidney.
  • She appears to be partially blind in her left eye, although more testing is needed to confirm this.
  • She has been on steroids for three years to treat a severe flea allergy, resulting in bands of hair loss on her body and a high liver enzyme level.
  • Reportedly, Torri-Lynn needs a special diet to avoid frequent vomiting, although this needs to be observed and confirmed.

In spite of these multiple problems, Torri-Lynn gets a prognosis for good health when the problems are addressed and resolved. Her vet expenses to date (including the proposed kidney removal surgery) are at $3,000, so the additional work required will add to that total.


Torri-Lynn is truly a “special needs” Boston, as her foster parent tells us she has a wonderful personality, loves children, plays well with other dogs, is completely house-broken, and is well-behaved in all respects. She follows her foster mom around like a puppy and sleeps at her feet on the bed.

This is surely a Boston deserving of a long life and good health. Let’s see that Torri-Lynn gets the medical attention she needs to make that dream come true for her!

Torri-Lynn update 05/29/2014

Torri-Lynn continues to be a delightful happy little girl. She has decided that her foster mom is her new BFF. We've discovered that she loves the water hose and her new nickname is Catfish.
She was very overweight because of the repeated use of steroids and has now lost lost 5 lbs since coming into rescue. The weight loss alone has made her feel better. She is still doing well on her new diet and looks forward to breakfast and dinner now. We have not had any issues with her vomiting since changing her food.


Torri-Lynn update 06/11/2014

Due to vet information stating that Torri-Lynn needed a kidney removed among other things she was put into our Special Needs program to raise the funds needed for surgery and other health issues. Her foster parent, in order to confirm the first vet's diagnosis, took her to a specialist who, after his own examination, said he found no sign of a tumor but felt that an ultra-sound was needed to confirm his findings. That procedure was conducted and the results showed NO sign of a tumor, although they did indicate a number of small kidney stones that do not currently require treatment. He felt that what the first vet thought was a tumor was no more than the dog's spleen showing as a dark spot. Removal of the kidney is definitely NOT indicated, as was originally believed. Now, with an accurate diagnosis in hand, Torri-Lynn has received ONLY the treatment she needed, and at a far lesser price.

The specialist believes the kidney stones will likely not cause Torri-Lynn any problems in the future, he suggests that her new owner has a urine culture done on Torri-Lynn two or three times a year to rule out crystals in the urine. Should crystals occur she will then need a special diet to dissolve the crystals.

Since she has been in rescue, Torri-Lynn's foster parent has been treating her initial health issues in addition to following up on the misdiagnosed mass on her kidney. Her flea allergy with a good bath along with flea medication was used, her skin condition cleared up beautifully. Torri-Lynn now has a lovely, full coat and isn't suffering from itching and sores. Also, the partial blindness turned out to be a "wall-eye" condition that occasionally makes her bump into things. The vomiting problem? That, too is no longer happening, and her diet is simply "sensible" grain free rather than "special."

There are lessons to be learned from Torri-Lynn's experience. If action had been taken based on the first vet's recommendations, Torri-Lynn would have required major surgery and a long recovery period, and at great expense. Worse still, because the owner was unable to fund the proposed treatment, she might have elected to have her euthanized rather than putting her into rescue. Fortunately, the rescue volunteer took her to a specialist for a second opinion. As a result, Torri-Lynn is enjoying much better health, she will keep her kidney, she received the treatment she really needed, and no one is out $3,000.

In cases like this, where an initial diagnosis indicates the need for major surgery and long-term effects at great expense, it is a good idea, a very good idea, to get a second opinion by an expert in that specific field of veterinary medicine.


Torri-Lynn is a sweet, well behaved pooch who adores children, and while she does not play with other dogs she gets along well with all of them.

Our thanks to all of you who donated to the Special Needs fund. Your contributions will be applied either to Torrie-Lynn's expenses directly or to the next unfortunate Boston on our Special Needs list. Thank you all, very much. Torrie-Lynn -- now well on her way to good health and ready for adoption --thanks you, too.

Torri-Lynn update 6/21/2014

We are happy to report that Torri-Lynn was adopted last week by a couple who had been following her story. She is now an only "child" pampered and petted by her new parents - the perfect outcome we all hoped for!

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