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The Boston Terrier Rescue Net is a 501c3
non-profit organization dedicated to fundraising to assist national Boston Terrier Rescue efforts.

Boston Terrier special needs spotlight

It is a sad fact that many smaller Rescue groups have had to fold because they don't have the resources to continue, and others are alive and struggling, but have had to turn down dogs due to lack of resources. We know that everyone in rescue is overloaded, overworked, under funded, and exhausted...! And, with Vet bills continuously going up, there is an ever increasing number of very sick, and or abused animals coming into rescue regularly. Therefore, BTRN, in its role as a national fundraiser, has developed a sponsorship program in which one Special Needs Rescue Boston will be "Showcased" on our website, with fundraising efforts directed towards that one Boston until its medical expenses have been met, at which time, another will be showcased. Any Boston in rescue may apply to be showcased, however special consideration will always be given to the neediest....... and those having no funding from any other venue.

If you would like to contribute to the Special Needs Program, please be sure to send your donation clearly marked for the "special needs spotlight Fund"

Nathan and Winston

These pups were born February 3rd, 2010, they are now six weeks old.




These two adorable brothers were surrendered by a breeder who called rescue when they were 3 weeks old, stating that they needed surgery. Her vet had told her to put them to sleep. Fortunately for them, the rescue volunteer discussed their problems with two vets and decided to wait until they were weaned to pursue surgery unless infection set in sooner, which it did not. The brothers were turned over to rescue last week and surgery was performed on Nathan on Tuesday, 22 March. He was also neutered at that time.

Nathan prior to surgery

Nathan was born with bilateral hernias, hypospadias and a large opening in the shaft of his penis that allowed urine to leak into the subcutaneous tissue of his abdomen. He also had a large loop of urethral tissue that encircled the urethral opening. He will need a repeat surgery at 6 months of age to take the penis down once more skin is available to make him a permanent opening to be able to void. He should have no long term effects from this surgery and will be able to lead a normal life.

Nathan prior to surgery

Nathan after surgery


On Tuesday, 23 March, Winston's surgery was performed to correct a tangerine-sized inguinal hernia. He was also neutered at the time. Winston still has a small umbilical hernia that we are hoping will close on its own. If not, he will need that closed at a later time. Both babies are recovering well: playing, peeing, pooing and taking meds (i.e., Clavamox BID and Metcam) for pain daily.

Winston prior to surgery

Without these surgeries both of these darling Bostons would not have had a chance. Now, they will be able to live full, healthy, happy lives. Both surgeries for Nathan & Winston have added a tremendous financial burden to an already strapped small rescue group. Please send whatever amount you can so we can show our support for the wonderful people who give so freely of their time to help as many needy Bostons as possible.

Nathan and Winston after surgery

Recuperating and playing

Once Winston and Nathan are fully recovered they will be available for adoption. We will post to the Special Needs page when they are ready.

Thank you for your support.

Update April 5th, 2010

Unfortunately, on April 1st when Nathan's sutures were removed the incision popped open and he had to return to the surgeon, who decided it was necessary to perform additional surgery to lengthen the skin on Nathan's penis. That surgery was performed the next day and Nathan now has a "normal" penis. The surgery appears to have been successful, although this is not guaranteed, but as long as Nathan does not suffer any negative side effects he will not need further surgery in six months as originally expected. For the next 3 - 4 weeks,he will be on antibiotics to assist the healing process. His foster mom picked him up Saturday and he is doing well. Both babies are thriving, as you can see.

Nathan before his 2nd surgery

Nathan's stitches

Nathan's "lamp shade"

Sleepy after a long day

Snuggle buddies

Winston today

Thank you for your support.

Update April 17th, 2010

Today we went to get Nathan's sutures removed, and the vet said that he wanted to wait another two weeks to make sure that the incision healed fully. Until then, we won't know whether or not Nathan needs another surgery.
Winston is fully recovered from his surgery, and his hernia scar and loose skin are both virtually undetectable.
Though they still whine a bit, they are responding very well to crate training and are getting much better at holding it until they get outside (though, Nathan still leaks a little bit as his sutures still haven't fully healed over).
The boys are getting LOTS of attention. They have even made some friends at the local dog park. The pictures attached are from last Sunday when we walked down the street and had brunch at a sidewalk cafe. They were very well behaved and very friendly...a big hit with all passersby. As you can see, they are definitely brothers and love to roughhouse,but they always wear themselves out and promptly fall asleep on top of each other. They love to cuddle and always fall asleep on top of me when we're watching movies on TV.

The center of attention

Sidewalk cafe

Rowdy at the restaurant

Curiouser and curiouser

Update May 4th, 2010

Nathan went to see the surgeon May 3rd to check on his sutures and the incision site which has not healed as yet. The vet is waiting for Nathan to have enough skin to cover the problem area, and so, he will need surgery in a few months after all.

Both pups are thriving and very healthy.

Due to Nathan having to have additional surgery he will be placed in an adoptive home not too far from the surgeon. Luckily, an adoptive home where both Nathan and Winston can grow up together has been found for them.

Walkies? We don't think so!

Thank you for your support.


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